Wills and estate planning

Planning for the future

Protecting your family’s financial wellbeing in the future really depends on the plans you put in place today. To secure your family’s future, you need an effective Will & Estate Plan.
Wills and estate planning involves being specific about exactly how you wish your assets to be distributed at the time of your death. Your will, or estate plan, can also cover other important considerations such as who you would like to nominate to look after your dependents.

A properly structured will is the only way to ensure that your estate will be handled according to your wishes so it really should be regarded as an essential part of your life planning.

Baker Wilson has extensive experience in formulating wills and estate plans. We can help you draw up a comprehensive will, estate plan or multi-generational plan and provide you with advice regarding the legal implications of your intentions. It’s all about making sure your estate is protected and distributed according to your wishes.

Our services include:

  • Preparing a legal will for you in plain English which reflects your wishes
  • Retaining your will in safe custody
  • Acting as executors of your will at the time of your death
  • Administration of estates
  • Preparing powers of attorney and enduring guardianship appointments
  • Set up trusts if required

To find out more, please contact our Estate Planning Specialist:

Rosie Wilson
Managing Partner


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Tim Davies
Commercial Lawyer